June 30, 2022

Timeless Concepts

Gearing software towards a Timeless reality

VCID/VBID (Timeless Profiler)

This will be like your digital personal and business (BAP) identities on the Timeless iegn network. You will be able to exchange your Timeless Profile Card with your contacts in a very timeless fashion via WhatsON ULM mobile app. No more typing things over and over! One click and you will be done, with your information exchange to potential customers or new friends you have made.

You will receive a physical VibeCard mailed to you as-well or via a Timeless distribution point, which will be like your Timeless indentity on a card, that will be your back up incase there is a power outage or your battery runs out and you need to check-in somewhere! You will use your Timeless Profiler or VibeCard to confirm your identity. For instance, you will use WhatsON ULM Eventer to buy event tickets, and then check in at events with ULM or with your VibeCard at a even later.

More information on this will be shared with ATN Investors on the private forum!

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