June 30, 2022

Timeless Concepts

Gearing software towards a Timeless reality

Timeless CSM

CSM (Complete Management System) is sports management system/network we are developing with the aim off running a whole nation sport development with the system and creating the largest sports network in the world. Our first goal is to get it operational in South Africa after which we will extend it to coutries like the US, Europe, Germany, Australia, New Zeland and later the rest of the world. Our worlwide expansion plans will happen after we have built Timeless International in Cape Town. We also plan to sell 49% shares ot this a strategic partner that will make this Timeless Company even stronger and give it all the resources it needs. 51% of this company will go into Timeless Holdings, which is the Holdings company all Timeless Companies fall under and people get shares in. R2.5million raised from the share sale, will be invested for you in Timeless. Thats the other 20 shares you are getting for free. Timeless is paying for it and doubling up your investment for you directly after this sale. We expect gross revenue in SA alone to reach R100 million per annum and growth into the billions after Timeless CSM goes international.

Once we have rolled out the first version of ecams nationally we plan on working on the second version, the sports club version as-well as start development on CSM Live and CSM Connect.

CSM Live will be making a bunch of information available like fixtures results from schools, sports clubs and provincial unions aswell as create an online profile for sports stars, coaches & management to promote there professional careers. Looks at it as the facebook of sport.

CSM connect is a feature we will implement for schools, sports clubs and provincial unions to directly connect to each other and plan sports day events and matches etc. to make interaction and planning Timeless.

CSM is like the baby of The WhatsOn Engine and we will test TWEiegn theories while developing it and when we get it working Timelessly we will be so much closer to making TWEiegn a reality, and CSM will become a geared software of TWEiegn and even available on WhatsON ULM mobile app.

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