June 30, 2022

Timeless Concepts

Gearing software towards a Timeless reality

The WhatsOn Engine

Everything Timeless is doing at the moment is moving towards developing the Information Exchange Gateway Network that TWE needs to become a reality, and when this is achieved Timeless will become a monopoly but doing so much for the worlds growth and everyone will grow with us by “plugging-in” to Timeless. Look at Timeless as a company that is implementing a unstoppable strategy to become the middleman to the world. Timeless plans all involve infinite growth and what can be done if people work together, in unity! You should look at Timeelss as most solid cornerstone that will ever be built.

We estimate 5-10 years development, a team of a 100 programmers and about “best guess” estimate for now of R2.4billion in initial costs to develop The WhatsOn Engine but when it is ready we expect revenue generated from it to go past R1 Trillion per annum.

We are even setting up a Timeless company which mission statement is to make it a reality named TriMark. TriMark mission statement will be TriMark Computing, TriniG, and TWEiegn. TriMark Computing will be building the worlds fastest personal computer to be used as servers for TWEiegn and later be distributed world wide. Currently the worlds fastest personal computer does about 2 billion executions per second, we will build one that can do 1 Quadrillion executions per second and we have already calculated (God showed us) the required specs needed to achieve this. TriMark computing revenue in its own will go tripple figure billions and it will be the most wanted computer in the world. The TIT architecture we will be developing for it will also be patented.

Once The WhatsOn Egine starts being rolled out, by Timeless, with phased releases , Timeless will become the biggest IT solutions provider in the world. We have already planned the first few phases some of which include Timeless Eventer, Timeless Traveler and Timeless Retailer. The first big breakthrough in the IT idustry was the computer (Microsoft), the second big thing was the Internet, then the next big thing was the seach engine (Google) and then there was social networking (Facebook). Timeless plans to extend on all of these and surpass them with the next big thing the Timeless IEGN (Information Exchange Gateway Network) that will organize the worlds information in timeless way, and allow interaction between people and business like never before. It will productivy the world and world growth will speed up because of it!

TWE will consist of 3 major gears that makes it functional: The Hub, the software that will sit on the business side, The Network the online network that keeps everything together, and the WhatsOn Ultimate Life Manager mobile app that will become the most used mobile app in the world.

WhatsON ULM (Ulimate Life Manager) will be a ultimate/complete life management system – Its a mobile app that will replace the majority of software you use on your phone on a daily basis. One app to do everything you will ever need to do to manage your life and interact in timeless way with the world like never before.

Perfect Ads will also be a result of the Timeless Want/Offer Alert engine – Google Ads and Facebook Ads won’t be able to compete with the perfection of Perfect Ads that TWEeign will bring. It will also create a direct link between business and customers on subscription bases, and customers will receive alerts on there WhatsON ULM mobile app, to create a way for business to reach consumers instantly.

Imagine sitting at the office and checking into Spur and placing your order what you want for lunch. Spur sees on the Hub that you are coming for lunch, and can make sure there stock levels are right. When you get to Spur lunch time, you just check-in with your WhatsOn ULM, like whatsapp web does with the QR code, and go sit down. No need to of placing an order again or waitng for a waiter to call, the next thing you see is the waiter arriving with your order you placed at the office already! You can also just pitch up at Spur, check-in via WhatsOn ULM and place your order on your mobile app and even see your tab/bill. Calling a waiter will become a thing of the past! When you are ready to pay, you just click pay on your mobile app and the waiter comes!

Imagine walking into Spar and pulling up your grocery list on the WhatsOn ULM app, and it shows you where everything is on the shelves with a virtual view of the Spar, and even shows you what the quickest route is to get to all the items you want. This will be made possible by WhatsON ULM connecting to The Hub being used by Spar, where they layout has been setup and is tracking there stock levels. No more searching for things you want! The app will show you where it is. The world will become a Timeless places becomes of TWEiegn.

The WhatsON Engine will make every person and every business in the world a potential client, so it will genereate revenue from The Hub software sitting on the business side as-well as add-ons sold to WhatsOn ULM and The Network Perfect Ads, amongst others.

We will create a API for 3rd party developers to develop software to plug into the the TWEiegn network and even have a Timeless Certified Developers training centre. Online certification will be available for developers whishing to develop TWEiegn ready products.

The WhatsON Engine is where Timeless started in 2017, and all Timeless plans are working towards making this a reality. The company was registered in 2017. When Timeless achieves this, its growth will be unmatched and unstoppable.

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