June 30, 2022

Timeless Concepts

Gearing software towards a Timeless reality

The Network 250

The Network 250 we will start developing in 2021 as part of our plans to create an facilitated investment network that will rapidly expand and become the biggest investment network in South Africa. Our aim with TN250 is to make dreams realities and to create more funding avenues for Timeless plans. We expect business startups in SA to boom because of this, and speed up our own plans as-well. You will be able to invest in other peoples dreams and idees on the network, in Timeless companies, as-well as earn money in way we can not disclose yet. You will be able to invest with other crowd funders in real estate property projects, and web properties, we will renovate and make profitable as-well.

We will be developing the VWallet in conjuction with this, to use it for funds you earn and investments you make, as-well as payout requests. As-well as the VCID/VBID to give you your unique identities on the timeless network. So the VWallet, VCID, VBID and The Network 250 will go live at the same time, we want to try and have it launch ready by end of 2021, but we have set a 2 year deadline for this to prepare for unforseen circumstances or obstacles. Our Timeless Investors will get first invites to join on the network and get first picks of investment opportunities where they can make quicker returns, while they wait for there infinity shares to grow as Timeless plan progress.

The Network 250 – The Land Of Opportunity is coming!

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