May 18, 2022

Timeless Concepts

Gearing software towards a Timeless reality

Welcome Potential ATN Investor!

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Please read the information on our website to give you a better insight into what Timeless is busy with and why you should invest your R250 and become part of the Timeless family.

To see what we are busy with our Sports Management system for schools, that we are starting to rollout soon please read our article Read what Timeless Concepts is busy with or navigate via the menus on the website. More information on other projects Timeless is busy with can be navigated from there aswell. Some funds raised from the ATN investment launch will go towards a vehicle for the Timeless CSM team to use for setting up meetings with schools and doing national rollouts. Our first version of Ecams is just about ready for national rollout and we have our first target in sight of installing it at 250 schools, 1 out of ever 100 in SA. There is currently 26k schools in SA alone and the potential market for this is so much bigger than just South Africa.

To see the larger scope of Timeless please visit for more info on our ATN Investment launch or you may visit to see what our startup franchise is busy with. Please also visit to see our first shirts being designed by Timeless Brands. Our 4th and final website that reveal the larger plans of IGTM (Infinite Galaxies TM) will go up shortly, it will be at when we open it up for people to view.

To Invest R250 for Timeless 20/20 Infinity Shares (40 shares) please fill in form below:

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