June 30, 2022

Timeless Concepts

Gearing software towards a Timeless reality

VWallet / VC

Timeless VWallet and VC is gearing currency exchange to a Timeless future. We plan to use this as the payment gateway on all our sites, and later offer it to 3rd party developers to integrate.

VC (“Vibe Coins” or “Virtual Currency”) is not a fiat currency or a crypto currency but a monetary representation of your currency in your VWallet. You will be able to have VC Rand or VC Dollar in your VWallet and later even be able to exchange it on the Timeless VC Exchange later.

It will start out with just VC Rand so South Africans can use it on the Timeless Network, after wich we will allow integration via an API as an offered service as a Payment Gateway for 3rd party clients. Later it will be extended to include VC Dollar, VC Euro, VC Pound, VC Bitcoin etc.

We need first developments of this to be ready at the same on The Network 250 is ready, so it can be used on TN250 so we will have a team working on this and possibly hire a full time developer to just work on The Network 250 and the VWallet.

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