June 30, 2022

Timeless Concepts

Gearing software towards a Timeless reality

Timeless Monopoly

We all loved monopoly growing up. Now imagine playing real live monopoly, where u can do real business, invest, network or buy property in a virtual world resembling the real one.

That is something that TWEiegn (The WhatsOn Engine) will make possible, for now we just gonna share the whisper, but this will be one of the “cool” projects Timeless will be working on when TWEiegn has been tried and tested and has started rolling out in South Africa and later around the world.

The Whatson Engine Information Exchange Gateway Network will make things possibly that where never possible before! We will explain more on the ATN Investors private forum dedicated to our investors and keeping you updated on Timeless progress and things, as-well as getting valuable input from you our investors.

Timeless Monopoly will be an online reality life game that everyone can “play”… to increase your wealth and grow your business(es), network, invest and buy real estate… for real!

Timeless Monopoly, it wont be just a game anymore! 😉

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