June 30, 2022

Timeless Concepts

Gearing software towards a Timeless reality


E.C.A.M.S (Extra-Curricular Activity Managment System) is a sports management system Timeless is developing with its visionline working towards funding Timeless operations and developing Timeless CSM further while testing TWEiegn theories…

We started pioneering the this with Stirling High School at the end of 2018, started development in 2019, and then things paused with Covid, as no sport was being played and Timeless focused on Timeless Essentials. But development will continue in January again as we expect the world to get back to normal with Gods perfect timing and by then our products and clientbase will be ready for our rollouts. The system is currently being used to manage sports delegations and attendance and turn a 2 week process into a 1 hour process. We have had meetings with 3 other schools in East London as-well, to get feedback and understand our potential problems, but evidently we just had good feedback overall and all of them was interested in working with us and having the system, the one school just didn’t have funds. The potential problems we will list below, but none of them will prevent our plans from happening as they are already solved. We will be adding a bunch of features in Ecams v 2, but ecams v 1 is so to say ready for national rollout. We just need to put some finishing touches on it that we will do in January!

With 26 000 schools in South Africa we are on a winner here. If we get 1 out of every 100 schools in SA i expect Timeless CSM gross revenue to be R1.5 million per year, and the company to earn R1.85 million on installations. We are expecting more than that… and hope to get it to a point where it is compulsary for schools to have it and enforced by government.

Ecams works in conjuction with SA-SAMS the eductional system used by South African schools and gets its information from exports from the SA-SAMS system, then imports it and uses it to create profiles and required information on Ecams . Ecams then extends the sporting info of each scholar and gives teachers a new control over there sport management requirements.

Our results from meetings with the 3 other schools and understanding of our problems.

  1. What if something happens to me, B.J. Steyn? ~ SOLUTION – As Timeless is setting up a big operation, and will be partnering with other IT companies as-well to achieve its goals our support and Timeless plans will keep going even if something happens to me. Deon Haasbroek is second in charge and will take over operational control if that where ever to happen. We will be setting up a dedicated development and technical team and office in Berea Mall, East London. Close to Timeless HO and Timeless Essentials, that will all be in the same building for the near future.

2. Is our system POPIA Compliant? – We have had meeting with Paul Mullon from CorConcepts to understand what we needed for compliance and our system will be audited by CorConcepts next year.

3. What if the school just doesn’t have the funds? Well this is where our strategic share sale plans come in and our plans to have the schools with no funds to be government funded. Timeless will release a free version of ECAMS as-well in due time and different paid versions to meet our clients needs in all shapes and sizes. With our plans for CSM we want every school in South Africa to be on the system, so we will make the free version available where its needed, as the real money Timeless is targeting is in CSM Live!

With this all said, the real goal for Timeless CSM is to bring light to talent and give talented and deserving scholars the opportunity I never had and give them the opportunity to make a fulltime career out off sport. Sport is a trilllion rand industry in full scope and why shouldn’t dreams come true. Timeless plans to change that!

Some screenshots of the ecams system:

ECAMS – A Timeless CSM Product

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